24hrs Survival Camp – Lamarsh Park Woods

One of the requirements for the Survival Skills badge – each Scout had to do a 24hrs Survival Camp. Over the weekend of Saturday 20th-Sunday 21st September 2019, the Scouts cycled up to Lamarsh Park Woods, near Daws Cross, White Colne with Leaders and their kit went in the mini bus and were camping in 30 acres of woods.

After arriving – each team choose their site within the woods – some using low branches, fallen trees and set about putting up their shelters and a ground sheet was used to sleep on. They then had to gather wood for their open fires. Most of the day was spent gathering wood and keeping the fire going.

Cooking was done using tin foil; we cooked jacket potatoes, heated up baked beans in the tin and dessert of: bananas with chocolate drops. In the late afternoon, we walked around the woods looking at trees, berries, animal foot prints in the dried up ponds (deer) and we filtered water through a 1 litre plastic bottle.

Our main evening meal consisted of chicken, sliced potatoes and carrots, gravy and wrapped in cabbage leaves to protect it from being burnt. This was followed by dessert of apple and raisins. Everything was eaten out the foil and no washing up was needed!

In the late evening – played wide games and sat around the fire, keeping warm and cooking our marsh mellows and burgers.

During the night we were awoken by foxes and deer shouting, owls and hedgehogs – but luckily it did not rain and everyone had some sleep. They reignited their fires ready for breakfast of sausages, baked beans and cereal bars.

We striked camp and cycled back to Bures via Fishpits for a good shower with everyone please that they had completed the next stage of their badge.

 Paul and Leaders