Fun Activities this term – January-April 2019

We have completed lots of badges alongside working towards the Chief Scout Bronze Award. The termed started with the Photographer Badge with amazing displays of work presented. We did the Cook Badge – where the Beavers cooked their own mini pizza’s and chocolate rice crispy cakes.

The International Badge requirements were: learning about Scouts worldwide and trying a range of tasty foods from different parts of the world as-well as celebrating Chinese New Year with games and activities. We did the Communicator Badge – learning Morse Code and Semaphore Communication.

The term was finished off with the Emergency Aid Badge, with a fantastic visit from the Group’s Chair Cathy Platt (First Responder) who taught the Beavers the recovery position and how to use a bandage and a sling. We invested five new Beavers into the Colony as well as Anne-Marie Watson (section leader).

Anne-Marie Watson (BSL) Callum Byrne (YL) Chloe Cowlin (YL)