Sudbury District Beaver Fun Day

We met at Boxford Scout HQThe Spinney for a Easter Fun Day arranged by Sudbury District Beaver team.

We started at 10am with lots of Easter themed crafts, ranging from decorating hats, biscuits, masks and funky egg cup holders!  We then had a game of tug-of-war -which we lost twice!  Braving the hailstones and rain, we had a go at Archery and Grass Sledging then had lunch outside in the mix of sun and rain.

After lunch we had a go at Elastic Band Guns – and we scored pretty well. The Beavers then crawled through a dark maze and abseiled down a tall wall. Then had a Easter Egg Hunt and cooked marshmallows to make smores around the campfire.  We finished the afternoon with all the Sudbury District Beaver Groups gathering around the fire, to sing camp fire songs and present the trophy to Boxford Beavers who scored the most points (1st Place). A great effort from Bures Beavers, who enjoyed the day thoroughly. We look forward to it next year! Many thanks for the Sudbury District Beaver Team for organising this FUN Day.

Anne-Marie Watson (BSL) Callum Byrne (YL)