Bures Cricket Club v Bures Scout Group

“The Inaugural Cricket Match between Bures village juniors (largely composed of those who have been coached over the past two years), and Bures Scout Group (consisting of Cubs, Scouts & Explorers) was a hard fought encounter, with both sides producing some excellent performances both batting and bowling. Bures Juniors set a competitive 39 runs in their 10 overs largely down to some hard hitting by Edward Shennan, but were surpassed by the Scout Group score of 50 with Thomas Tullin and Thomas Lawrence & Ashton Platt all scoring runs. Captains Toby Howell for the village, and Joe Wheal for the Scout Group managed their sides well, but ultimately Joe was the one to lift the trophy”.

The idea for the friendly match originated from having the 1st Bures Scout Group full of children loving the great outdoors and an active Bures Cricket Club wanting to encourage the next generation of players. It was great fun and the children are looking forward to the next one!

It was an evening that extended to the Cub pack too who achieved part of their ‘new skills’ badge by completing in Kwik Cricket activities. A lovely example of clubs working together, we had Sudbury Cricket Club assist the cubs with kit and coaching.

There was a BBQ provided after and refreshments were served by a team of volunteers. A truly English scene!