Lightweight Hike & Camp April 2017

We left the SHQ on a sunny morning in April for our 12 mile hike to Wormingford – we would do a route which would take us via Mount Bures. We left the headquarters at 10am and walked through the village to Ferrier’s Lane and took a footpath to Horne’s Green and then onto Ravenfield’s Farm where we stopped for a drink. It was then onto Lower Jennies Farm and Valley Green Farm – we eventually came to Hall Road (opposite The Thatchers Public House) where we crossed the road and took the footpath across the railway line to Norton’s Farm and onto the airfield. Here we stopped for our picnic lunch beside the reservoir. We could see the gliders taking off using the winch line and coming into land. It was then off to Wormingford Hall and to Sandy Hill – were we crossed over the main B1508 and headed to The Firs and onto Wormingford Church and Old School and Garlands Farm.
We finally arrived at our camp site at Bowdens Lane (camping in a field next to the River Stour) at 4pm.

We had brought the camping kit over prior to the hike in our Mini Bus and Scouts set about pitching their lightweight tents and getting the tranjai stoves on for the evening meal.

In the evening, they played wide games in the dark and afterwards they got the camp fire going for sausages on sticks and marshmallows.

In the morning, they cooked bacon and had baked beans and sausages out of a tin after heating them up in boiling water.
We striked camp and the Scouts then hiked back to Bures via Smallbridge Hall and the Sewage works – a distance of 3 miles.