Visitors Day at RAF Wattisham

We visited RAF Wattisham Air Base on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 for a Special Invitation only event being run by the British Army Air Corps personnel and volunteers.

We were greeted at the main gate and drove to Hanger 5. We were escorted around the exhibits by a member of the Army.
We saw the McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom F3 Fighter Jet, Machine Guns, Army Rations and Supplies for combat missions, Life Rafts, Communications, GPS Flight Paths, The Black Hawker Hunter Jet (part of the The Black Arrows Display Team), Mobile Gym, given lessons in Self Defence, Airfield Fire Engine, Chemical Attack Gear and looking at the Airfield.

The star of the event was the Apache Attack Longbow Helicopter (AH-64D) – we were told about the missiles that it can carry i.e. side winder, hell fire and the large bullets and the rate of firing with Scouts got to hold the missiles and bullets. Thanks to RAF Wattisham for inviting us over and showing us around – we had a great time!