Sudbury Police Station

Beavers visited Sudbury Police Station in October, guided by PCSO Grant and Investigator Andrea we were shown around the site.

This started with visiting the CCTV room of which we were able to see many cameras situated on Sudbury’s high-street.

We then sat in the debrief room where we found out what our code names would be if we were police staff.

Next we looked in the custody room, interviewing room and the male and female cells. We then had a go at printing our fingerprints and trying on police equipment.

At the end we were lucky to watch police going of in action – with their blue lights and sirens whilst looking at a police car with the equipment inside.

It was a great trip and very interesting for our Beavers who had an amazing time. Many thanks to Sudbury Police Station.

Anne-Marie, Callum, Emily and Blake