Summer Term Activities

During the Summer Term – the Beavers got up to all sorts of activities. Working towards achieving their Health and Fitness Activity Badge, My Adventure and My Outdoors Challenge Badge.

These activities included: expressing their interests and hobbies by drawing around themselves and showing the group, visiting Arger Fen to collect natural resources to put together some wonderful artwork, scavenger hunt, making Father’s Day cards and gifts, learning three knots (Shoelaces, Reef Knot and Clove Hitch), kite making, stone decorating towards Bures Rocks then placing around village, learning the Green Cross Code to safely cross the road, learning about healthy foods and taking a pulse, making fruit kebabs, sports day games and lastly a group campfire (in our camp site) with family to roast marshmallows, present badges which where well deserved and celebrate a Great FUN Summer Term.

In between all of this were some amazing games and many Investiture’s of which we welcome all of the new Beavers and our Beaver Mascot Woody to 1st Bures Beaver Scout Group and said goodbye to the three wonderful Beavers who are moving up to Cubs in September.

Callum Byrne (YL), Anne-Marie Watson (BSL), Zoe Ray (BSL) and Eddie Gordon (ASL)