Beaver Section News

Fun Day – August 2021

We held an Activity Afternoon on Saturday 14th August for our Beavers to come and get stuck into some exciting activities.

Cooking marsh mellows around the camp fire.

We took part in Soft Archery – where we all smashed it and hit our targets! Even on the Bullseye several times! (10 Points).

Fire Lighting where we discussed what 3 things a Fire needed to start and then all started a fire using Matches and Strikers.

As well as a Craft base where we weaved lots of colourful Baskets!

We all then had an ice cream and finished the afternoon with lots of happy Beavers and Leaders!

Callum Byrne (BL), Phoebe Piper (ABL) & Eddie Gordon (ASL)

Summer Fun 2021

Beavers returned to Face to Face Scouting in April to a Fun packed term!

Our first meeting we had a Campfire with Songs and Marshmallows, we welcomed our new-ish Beavers to our Colony. This was the first time we had met in person!


We then started our Gardening Badge where we learnt all the tools for gardening as well as how plants actually grow! We then planted three seeds, Sunflower; Peas & Tomato’s and watched these grow over 8 weeks to achieve our badge.


We had a mini-beast hunt and learnt knots as well as a Map-Symbol Hunt around our Campsite area.


The Beavers were amazing at matching up the map symbols to the places as well as decoding a secret message when they found each symbol.

We spent two weeks learning about the Disability Awareness Badge, of which we played games specially designed for those who had a disability, learnt about all the different types of disabilities there are as well as a fun blind string trail around our campsite, simulating how being blind would feel like as well as showing the importance of teamwork and how we can support those around us with a Disability.

During the half term the Beavers worked towards their Health & Fitness Badge, of which they covered types of healthy and unhealthy foods, designed a poster and monitored everything they ate over the week. We met together the following week to talk over what they had learnt as well as completing the physical part of the badge where we did some skipping, hula-hooping, throwing, team relays/races and water games.

We had an amazing visit from Cathy Platt (First Responder) who covered the Emergency Aid Badge Stage 1 – this consisted of: the importance of getting help, what to say when you call 999, helping someone who is unconscious, helping someone who is bleeding and reassuring someone at the scene of an emergency. The Beavers loved finding out all this information and most importantly how to put someone in the recovery position and playing around with bandagesThank you Cathy for a fun exciting session!

We had an evening designing and building Vegetable Cars! A first for everyone involved! The finished Cars where amazing, the Beavers were very proud. Thank you Ian Woodman (ASL) for your help!

As well as an evening completing the Communicator Activity Badge, where we learnt how to send an email or text message, how to spell your name in Morse Code and Semaphore as well as decoding messages using these types of communication as well. The Beavers were set with the challenge of learning their phone number over the summer holidays.

Our last meeting before breaking for the Summer Holiday we played lots of Water Games, run by Eddie Gordon (ASL). Everyone had lots of fun throwing water balloons, spraying water and running relay races. We finished with an ice cream and badge presentation. Thank you Eddie for a great evening.

Callum Byrne (BL) & Phoebe Piper (ABL)

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls