Scout Section News

24hrs Survival Skills Camp

On Saturday 25th September – Scouts cycled up to Lamarsh Park Woods near Daws Cross.

We are all set up in here!

We set up camp in the dense woods – first job will be pitch their basher shelters and gather wood for the meals that we would be cooking.

Cooking Sausages on sticks at breakfast.

Our first meal consisted of jacket potato, baked beans and grated cheese followed by banana and chocolate chip.

In the afternoon we walked around the woods looking at trees, berries and each Scout made a water filtration system out of a 1 liter plastic bottle. We filtered some dirty water from the pond and managed to get it clear using grass, tissue, leaves etc.

Water filtration system.

We returned to camp – building the fire up ready for our evening meal of: chicken, carrots, potatoes and cabbage leaves which we wrapped in tin foil. Our desert was: cooking apples with currants and brown sugar.

We sat around the fire in the evening singing songs of Bungalow and Purple Soup. We had burgers and marsh mellows before bed.

Cooking our marsh mellows on the fire.

We could hear the muntjac deer screaming and owls hooting through the night. We were woken by the crows, blackbirds, woodpecker and pigeons before getting up at 7am.

For breakfast we had cereal bars and cooked our sausages on sticks.

We returned to Bures Scout Headquarters at 10.30am with everyone please that they had survived the last 24 hours!

Paul, Eddie, Callum & Ian

Summer Camp 2021 – Eaton Vale, Norwich

We left our Scout Headquarters on Saturday 21st August for a week of fun and adventure and headed to Eaton – just south west of Norwich. Camping at Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre.

We travelled up in our minibus, trailers, truck and cars which took us more than 1 hour 40 minutes.

We set up camp after our picnic lunch down at the bottom of the site edging the trees for a wind break.

We did many activities for the week: Cooking on the altar fires, archery, tomahawk throwing, pedal go karting, indoor climbing wall, crate stacking, Jacobs ladder, volleyball, games of kubb, football, six mile hike, water games and slippery slide on the grass bank, patrol cooking competition and tent inspections throughout the week.

We visited Sea Palling for picnic lunch, swimming and played a game of non-cricket after the tide had gone out.

Our day out on Wednesday was at Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park near Lowestoft.

On Friday – it was silly games of Tug of War, egg and spoon races, assault course and patrol cooking competition. The presentations were given out to winners around the campfire in the evening.

We striked camp on Saturday between the rain showers and headed home for a good rest.


Thanks go to Nigel and Adam Norton for supplying us transport.

Paul, Eddie, Callum & Ian

Summer term activities

We returned as a whole troop at the beginning of May. The troop was spilt into three groups and we rotated weekly doing: Survival Skills, Pioneering, Air Rifle Shooting and Kayaking.

Survival Skills consisted of: backwoods cooking, shelters, lighting fires, rabbit skinning, first aid and rescue signals.

Master of Arms (Air Rifle Shooting) – Scouts were taught safety, setting up the range, laws of gun ownership and firing of the rifle and getting better scores at target shooting.

Pioneering consisted of: knots, lashings, whippings and making a big pioneering project.

We finished the term with a Rounders and Non-stop Cricket on the Recreation Ground and Ice Creams and Lollies were given out back at the SHQ.

And we presented some badges earned over the term before flag down.


Air Rifle Shooting – taking aim!


Making Shelters as part of the Survival Skills Badge requirements.

Return of Face to Face Scouting

Finally after our year long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic we returned back to Face to Face Scouting.

Lighting the saw dust tin.

The Scout Troop was spilt into two groups consisting of 15 Scouts rotating on a weekly basis.

Wire and battery fire lighting technique.

We did: Axe, Saw, Pen Knife Safety, parts of Axe, chopping and sawing under floodlights in the SHQ Grounds. The following two weeks they took part in: Fire Lighting techniques: kindling, battery and wire, saw dust and charcoal cloth in the camp site area.

Cooking marsh mellows.

The evening was finished off with cooking marsh mellows on the wood fires.

Tree planting

On Saturday 24th April we planted out 200 trees donated free by the Woodland Trust.

Parents and other family members, Scouts and Leaders helped with planting of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Wild Cherry, Hazel, Silver Birch and Rowan. Each tree came with a cane and guard – these were planted around the edge of the camp site.

This will help with screening and making it even more of a wildlife habit. Well done all for attending.

Scouts with spades ready for tree planting.

January Activities on Zoom

We continued our Zoom meetings in January 2021 – Scouts made Pizza’s from scratch and we held a troop forum – getting ideas of what they want to do for the rest of the term.

Pizza looks great!

We took part in the annual RSPB Bird Survey in the our own back gardens and each Scout made some bird feeders out of yoghurt pots and filled them with lard, seeds, raisins and peanuts. They hang these up in their gardens to attract the birds in!

Bird feeders being hang up in the back garden.

12 Days of Christmas, Festive Fun

12 Days of Christmas, Festive Fun was organised by Tony Waring (GSL) and Callum Byrne (ASL) with the programme being run over Zoom on Saturday 12th December 2020.

All Group Members took part in: Christmas Crackers, Pioneering Stars, Bridge Building with Spaghetti and Marsh Mellows, Decorate a Biscuit, Christmas Quiz, Musical Tunes and a Christmas Challenge around the village – how many posters will you be able to spot?

The day was finished off by singing to 12 Days of Christmas!


Broadstone Warren, Forest Row, East Sussex

On Saturday 17th August, we travelled to Broadstone Warren Camp Site, Forest Row, East Sussex for a week of camping filled with Fun and Adventure.

We arrived at 2.30pm and set up our dining room shelters and patrol tents in the woods of Ashdown Forest. Activities for the week were: Leap of Faith, Archery, Crate Stacking, Sumo Wrestling, Gladiators, Kubb, Swing Ball, Volleyball, Wide Games, Cooking on Altar Fires, Patrol Cooking Competition, Gadgets, Tent Inspections, Camp Fires, Swedish Candle and Swimming in the on-site pool which was challenging as it was not heated!

We drove to Hastings and visited  the beach for swimming and kite flying. Fun in the sea as there were some large waves crashing on the beach!

Our day out on Wednesday was to Chessington World of AdventuresTheme Park, Zoo and Sea Life Centre. Scouts and Leaders did rides of: Rameses Revenge, Dragon’s Fury, Kobra, Rattlesnake, The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, Tiger Rock, Tomb Blaster and Vampire.

Our hike was along the South Downs Way and this started at Beachy Head Car Park next to the Public House. We walked along the high cliffs and could see Eastbourne, Harbour, Wish Tower and Pier and wind farm, Beachy Head Lighthouse and we carried on walking to Belle Tout Lighthouse and then to Birling Gap for a lunch stop and swimming. We headed back via Horseshoe Plantation, Frost Hill, Kiln Combe and Long down. We saw a kite boarder on the top of the cliffs on his skateboard which proved very interesting to the Scouts – especially when he did his turns in the air!

On Saturday, we striked camp in the nice sunshine and headed home for a well earned rest.

Paul, Nigel, Eddie, Liz, Callum and Ian

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls